A “Fortune 500” SEO Blueprint For The Not-So Average Small Business

Our SEO Blueprint is a unique, all-in-one, world-class search engine optimization solution for small businesses, marketing departments, and consultants.
Our approach to SEO gives you the same powerful strategies that the world’s most influential companies use to end up at the top search results on Google — without the price tag or the technical know-how — designed specifically for your business and delivered so practically that anyone can follow our steps to get business-transforming results.


Great for business owners, marketing consultants, or marketing departments

A practical, concise blueprint for outranking your competition on Google

Clear action steps, plug-and-play resources, and implementation guidance

Get the most profitable SEO tactics with the best return on investment (ROI)

Four (4) one-on-one Zoom calls with me and my team



Discovery Meeting (90 Minutes)

The Deep Dive. In this in-depth discovery meeting, we ask questions to help us better understand your business (and competitors). We discuss your goals, service/product offerings, target audience, current marketing activities, and more — all geared toward helping us hit the ground. Then, we go to work on developing your unique blueprint of highest-impact SEO priorities.

Strategy Creation (14-Day Turnaround)

We go to work on developing your unique blueprint of the highest-impact SEO tactics. This process includes a mix of SEO research, content strategy, and done-for-you elements. The final result is a strategic set of tactics with time recommendations plus resources to help you easily put this plan into action.

Presentation of Strategy (90 Minutes)

The User Manual. The final result is a step-by-step user manual for the highest-impact SEO tactics, outlined with specific time recommendations for 12-months. This includes keyword research, key action items, wireframes, content strategy, and on-page SEO — all done-for-you.

Implementation Trainings (120 minutes)

Plug & Play. We take all the technical work out of your SEO, making it “idiot-proof”, so you can simply install the strategy. During this training call, we’ll guide you or your team through each of the tactics in the plan, step-by-step, so you can easily put this plan into motion and the outcomes are crystal clear. The result: Not only will you look like an SEO expert, you’ll actually understand it.


Follow Up & Q & A (60 Minutes)

The Check Up. After your new SEO Blueprint is installed, you’ll simply need to stay on course to continue seeing great results. This final meeting is designed to help you do exactly that. We review your progress, answer any lingering questions, and tie up any loose ends.

Your SEO Blueprint Includes:

Key Action Items & Timeline

We outline the highest-impact priorities, with specific timelines, that will improve your website’s SEO. We explain why they are important and what results they will have.

Keyword Research

We do all the work for you. We determine the best words/phrases to target based on search volume, competition, and profitability.

Website Structure

We examine all your existing pages and create a wireframe for improvements to your website structure, recommended new pages, and interlinking.

Content Plan

Based on our keyword research, we map out your entire content strategy for blog articles, guest posts, and other bad-ass content you can create.

On-Page SEO

We take care of all the complex technical SEO elements and provide you with a simple spreadsheet showing you exactly where to add specific keywords.

Implementation Training

With our training, we’ll show you how to execute the SEO strategy just like a pro. We walk through every step of what needs to be done.

A Complete Marketing Plan for Higher Rankings

Our strategic plan provides a clear direction for outranking your competition on Google. You’ll have a roadmap of the most effective tactics to support your strategy. Once you complete the purchase online, we’ll reach out quickly, schedule our kick-off call, and begin the process with an online intake form.

Investment of $6,000

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