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You implement all on-site optimization tips you can get to achieve higher search engine ranking. You even hire SEO specialists to rank your site better. But quite often, practicing those tips and hiring those guys are actually hurting your site’s reputation on search engine. What could possibly go wrong? - Get hold of far more auto tweet as you have to have

Well, one possible answer to your question is that because your site is using illegal SEO techniques (excessively) that will cause your site’s search engine ranking penalized, even blacklisted.

Now, instead of hiring those spammy, scammy and dangerous SEO services, why don’t you try using a web tool that can help you analyze what’s wrong with your site. One of such SEO web tool is… Click here to continue »

10 Secrets to Achieve High Ranking in Google

Forget the alchemy surrounding Google ranking algorithms. Achieving high ranking in Google is actually simple. The secrets are actually lying on the simplicity of the techniques.

Here are how to achieve high ranking in Google search engine result pages:

  1. Write quality content (d-uh!) on regular basis, preferably those that bait for backlinks, and promote your content to as many people as you can – Digg it, Stumble it, Mixx it, etc.
  2. Write lots of articles and submit them (along with your link on the ‘resource box’) to top article directories like and (spoiler: Your unique article on vs. the copy of it on The copy could rank

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Why Listing Your Site on 3,000 Web Directories Won’t Give You 3,000 Backlinks

Well, it’s actually not only on web directories, but on any kind of sites. This is a link building basic, but surprisingly, not many recognize the importance: Search engine indexed pages.

I myself have a misconception about this before. I am not an SEO specialist, but I do SEO and link building for my sites and also my clients’ sites.

I used to think that submitting my site to 3,000 web directories will give me 3,000 backlink. Here is some logic why you will get less than 3,000 backlink, even far less:

Approval rates

Chances are, your link submissions won’t be accepted to all web directories you submit to. Even a 70% to 80%… Click here to continue »

Is Google Pushing Us to Do Blackhat SEO?

Many SEO experts suggest that Whitehat SEO is the way to go. However, it seems that Google doesn’t really want us to go whitehat anymore. Here’s why.

Google changes its ranking algorithm on regular basis. No problem. Google hates web directories. No worries. Google faves quality content. A-okay.

Now, the thing is, Google wants to keep us ‘honest’ by controlling what can and what can’t in search engine optimization and link building.

Exercising control, to a certain extent, is actually necessary. But limiting website owners’ movement in doing SEO and link building is like Google trying hard to make our lives miserable, especially in making money online.

Some evidences:

Google favoritism toward big

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9 Social Sites to Focus in Web Traffic Generation

Forget submitting your sites to hundreds of social sites. Forget using social bookmarking script to get your content to hundreds of social bookmarking sites. Here’s an interesting analysis report from Woopra that explains why you should focus on 3 or at least 9, instead of hundreds of social bookmarking sites. Get hold of additional mp3 search popular on Twitter, pay nothing up front

The analysis discovers the top referral traffic sources of more than 100,000 sites monitored. The result is interesting and giving us some clues about which social sites to promote your content to.

Here are the top 9 social sites to focus your traffic generation effort on:

Top social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

In social network category, Facebook leads all social networking… Click here to continue »

Why You Should Start to Optimize for Bing

Bing’s move in search engine market is pretty aggressive these days. Here are some reasons why you should start to optimize for Bing:

1. Bing has an eye-candy front end design and user-friendly features

You know what it is: the fine background that keeps changing on regular basis. Bing loves its background so much, it is launching a gallery for its background. The good look itself sparks interest to many web surfers and search engine users.

Not only that, Bing dedicates Yahoo-like special section on popular search categories, such as Bing’s Entertainment Hub.

2. Bing is growing fast and increasingly popular

In the US, Bing is getting bigger market share along theClick here to continue »

Is Reciprocal Link Exchange Dangerous?

There is enough confusion surrounding what’s acceptable SEO and link building practices according to Google. However, if you look at it closely, Big G’s principles are actually easy to follow despite being ambiguous at best.

One of the ambiguous principles is Google’s reciprocal link exchange policy. How ambiguous? Just check out Google’s explanation regarding reciprocal link exchange that violates Google’s webmaster guidelines:

Excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanging (“Link to me and I’ll link to you.”)

The number one question regarding the violation: How excessive is excessive?

Only Google knows how to measure and quantify ‘excessive.’ But we can definitely use our common sense to ‘classify’ what ‘excessive-ness’ of reciprocal link… Click here to continue »

Choosing The Best Directory Submission Software

You recognize that to get your internet site higher-ranking on organic searches, you require to build backlinks to your internet site. There’s no easier method to build these backlinks than employing a directory submission software. Directory submitters have accumulated the top directories over the internet and imparted them to an easy to apply software that will submit your internet site to these directories. This can possibly save you 100s of hours of submission time, providing you to concentrate your efforts on other link building techniques. However, there are various directory submitters on the market, how do you select the best one? Hugeframe digital photo frame

Number of directories

This is a perceptible feature you want to… Click here to continue »

Web Directories as Web Guides: Are They Dead?

For Webmasters and SEO Specialists, web directories are considered as a link building tools (directory submission for backlinks) rather than what directories should be: Web guides.

An ‘old-school’ or classic Web Guide is a place where you can find useful and quality sites or pages listed under specific categories. For some authority directories, this ‘art’ is not gone, yet. Web directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo! Directory, BOTW, DirJournal, CannyLink, and many more can present you with both quality backlink, as well as great exposure in term of traffic to your listed sites.

A quality web directory listing can lead you to the right direction, in term of SEO and web traffic:


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How to Get 347 Free Backlinks

It seems that backlink quality is favoured over quantity these days. But for those of you who are still care about getting tons of lower quality backlink to your site, I do have a site to recommend you:

How it works

In essence, what the site does is automatically submit your URL to 347 (updated from previously 120) sites, such as website valuation sites, WHOIS checking sites, and other stats sites. Submitting yours to those sites will offer you 2 things: Some valuation or stats of your sites and free backlinks to your sites.

Regardless of what people say about the value of automatically generated backlinks, the upside for this is quick, simple… Click here to continue »

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